The Evidence Based Cataract Pathway

Over the coming months we will provide the referenced answers to the following questions, answered questions will be blue and link to the answer.

I would like to invite any interested trainees to offer their own answers. I will upload all reasonable and referenced opinions:

When should a cataract be removed?

What are the most important pre-op considerations?

What factors have the greatest risk for surgery?

Which is the best biometry technique?

Which is the best biometry formula?

What is the best dilating drop regime?

How should intraoperative floppy iris syndrome be best managed?

Should antibiotics be started pre-op?

Which anaesthetic technique is best?

What is the optimum size corneal incision?

What is the optimum position for the corneal incision?

What is the optimum size and shape side port?

Which is the best viscoelastic?

What is the optimum capsulorrhexis size?

How is the phaco best inserted?

Which is the best phaco technique?

What are the optimum phaco settings?

How to manage extreme deepening of the anterior chamber in myopic and vitrectomized eyes?

Is bimanual I and A safer than the hockey stick?

What is the best lens material?

What is the optimal optic size?

Is a one piece IOL better?

How square should a square edge be?

What size IOL can be sulcus fixed?

How aspheric should aspheric be?

Should corneal wounds be hydrated?

What is the best post op drop regime?

When is it safe to operate on the second eye?